tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2016

The intelligence level I write to

I write to the intelligence level of a somwhat stupid but not very stupid academical person or to what I estimate people in the capital district of Finland in their early twenties would all or most understand about a subject that they are not much familiar with but that they are sincerely interested in. So I do not write to my own level of intelligence, but more like to the lower end of what I am able to communicate to. So my thoughts often have wide areas of applications, look quite simple but may be complex to think through all the roads I have thougt about them
I read the Chinese classic about learning masterful skill Tao-Te-Ching (Stephen Mitchell's translation) for years trying to learn teaching skills, so that I could teach the solution that I find to many others too, and that they would find those skills from themselves with the help of my teaching, instead of just reading robot like.

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

About how I learned good quality thinking as a child

My parents were very theoretically inclined, enthusiastic about science and math but not intelligent and not good at practical things. I always longed for concretical practical world, for practical things like in household tasks with children, gardening, life at the summer cottage, wondering at the beauty and amazing structures of nature, practical professions, physical work, sports, trade, maybe police's work. So I was keen at looking, very interested to see and experience things of the world, everyday life things with their multitude of characteristics, structures, practical uses, behaviour, feelings etc. And my mother was always interested in tiniest observations too since she was not so good at making observations herself, so I kind of learned to pay attention to things well when I looked at them, and to live ina  landscape of environement and life in it. So I learned practical common sense like objective thinking but not so much practical skills because my parents always wanted to take everything theoretically.

torstai 12. toukokuuta 2016

How to reach for good quality

I think that my guest for better quality is important in learning new things and in keeping quality good and thoughts profound. When I do something with some quality, I do not think, well, this is enough, but often think how good the quality should ideally have been for my life and the society and the world to go well, spend a moment or two wondering what it would demand, what kind of extra job and mark for myself that I would some time in the future do that extra job while associating with a subject like this. So my quality does not deteriorate due to laziness as easily but neither do I get much extra work. Some maybe I read some interesting magazine articles for a half an hour in a month as a result of this or so, and think some things more thoroughly which for me goes quite quickly.

sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2016

My favourite books in childhood

Vanhoja seikkailu- ja eläinsatuja luin nuorempana innolla
Thowra hopeaharja
Uljas musta
Robin Hood
Monte Criston kreivi
Kolmen muskettisoturin jatko-osat
Arsene Lupinin seikkailut
Erämaan kasvatti