maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2015

How my parents always said

My parents had a positive attitude toward children learning new things. When I learned something typical for my age, for example to tie my shoelashes, my mother always said that it is a wonder how I learn, a little while ago she could not do it but now she can, miracle. My father always seemed happily satisfied when my mother told such, yhymm, smile. She did not have a clear idea of how I learn or what skills is like, instead she let me have my own way of doing and learning, my own idea of each skill. She also did not make me repeat my achievements, they were miracles to be told to my father and to other adults in our dauily environment, but they did not deteriorate into reaching for points or trying to achieve school like. Enev though my parents values school and science overly much which was a real burden.

lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2015

Books about the rationality of feelings and sexuality

I have written about the value of feelings and instincts in working life, from the point of view that feelings help to achieve best performance for any work, best capacity and skill. nd that following instincts like sexuality, sense of beauty and the need for social life is similarly useful. My blog introduces these to working life, giving a chance for much more free time with a full time wage on the condition that free time is fully according to feelings and along the lines of healthy natural ages old ways of living on all areas of life. On a link from that blog is my book Theory of Sexuality, or is it named Hard rationality oif feelings and instincts in that version. It is mostly about the value of feelings in working life but uses that understanding to explain the value of sexual affairs for working life too.
My book "Tough Power Benefit Calculations About Sex & Women" adds to that book the value of moral from the point of view of beneficiality and examines the thus built picture of the world which suggests that a moral paradise is economically and militarily the best option.
My thick books "Year 2013: Technologized nature paradise" and "2013: Paradise like era" are collections of my texts and include both books about the value of feelings and sexuality. The first book is s part of the second one.

keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2015

Many of my blogs have thousand views or more

Blogeistani näköjään luokkaa tuhat tai yli kävijöitä on viidellätoista. Monella tosin ihan vain kymmenen tai kaksikymmentä katselukertaa. Jätin joukkoon muutaman kiinnsotavan vähemmän katsotun.

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Pe 23.10.2015
Jos tuosta nyt huomaisi sen, että monella blogillani on tuhatkunta katselukertaa tai ylikin, niin se kertoo tästä kirjoittamisen tavasta. Vaikka osa blogeistani on päiväkirjoja, niin keskityn kertomaan montaa kiinnostavista asioista eikä henkilökohtaisia asioita. Jos ottaa esimerkiksi vaikka yhden viimeisimmistä blogikirjoituksistani niin kirjoitin siitä, miten aloittelija voisi oppia maalaamaan vaimonsa muotokuvan näillä ohjeilla (muuta itse olen nainen) tai hevosen (eri ikä, en ole hevosharrastaja) tai jostakin tunnelmallisesta näkyvästä pitävä ei-taidetta-harrastava, joskus vain taidenäyttelyssä käyvä, näkymän koskettavuuden voimalla paremmalla taidolla esim. tuollaisen muotokuvan (ja itse olen maalausharrastaja, ollut muutaman vuoden ja miettinyt maalaamisesta ammattia itselleni). Eli vaikka aiheet voivat olla tunteita koskettavia, niin ne eivät ole henkilökohtaisia vaan monelle yhteisiä yleisesti kiinnostavia asioita, joista olen jotakin olennaista osannut neuvoa.

perjantai 9. lokakuuta 2015

Whom I do not copy from

I guess that besides from copying skills from wild animals, I also to a large extend do not have some very usual forefigures.

I have never copied from actors, never wanted to learn acting. I think that acting creates a mess. It removes safety nets, makes you vulnerable to pressure and hides these disasters from sight. Besides, joy and happiness in lfe come from you living life according to your own nature and if you even hide your expressions or pretend to be like somebody else, you go numb, unfeeling at that part of your life. Also skills demand that you do things in practise and not just pretend, since typically skills are not difficult for most but do demand that certain things are really done with quality. Also social relationships are rewarding if your true self associates with the true friendly selves of others according to the rule "Live and let others live", and if you only pretend these you end up in a soup of chores and obligations instead of free life in contact with others.

I also never have admired technology and engineers. Instead I consider them more stupid than others. It is just that engineering does not have much to say, so the people from other areas of life feel stupid when they associate with engineering and do not have much to say. Common sense is much better! Arts and religions are where you can find intelligence plus in healthy natural life and good moral.

I never copied from evil deeds and from devil like persons, since they appeared engineer like and short-sighted in my eyes, also disastrous for the society and the future.

In sexual affairs I never wanted to change to be just like that other person, not even as young. Also when I admire someone or some skill, I do not admire so much as to want to change my way of living. Instead I try to find the best ways of living for me and adopt them.

I never copied food oriented things from those who did not have healthy well working and happy ways of living. For example I did not as a kid admire the fat ones or especially wait for meals or candy. As a teenager I was not interested in alcohol and I stil don't drink. I think that drinking postpones making needed corrections. It also causes one to copy from those moments when relaxedness was not of one's own doing, and so one ends up being tense. It also colours positive things as something caused by drunkenness and so removes them from seriously taken alternatives, from seriously taken good things in the world.

I have just about never played with dolls as a child. I had some furry animal dolls though and I played a little bit with them. But I was much more interested in little singing birds, ants and later in our own pets: fisr aquarium fishes, then mice and hamster and when I was 13 we bought a black energetic miniature poodle puppy boy. One can learn wild animals' skills by looking at them and being social: their keen eyes, sporty movement, social life in the middle of everyday action, even pondering about life. And one learns normal social ways from them: to be observant, to take others' actions into account and not treating them like a dead artifact, like one playing with dolls, and letting them be what they are in character, situation of life, skills, feelings etc, thinsg done, and not putting imagination on top of that like one playing with dolls does wrong to real beings.

I mostly haven't watched tv. As a child my parents had a negative attitude toward tv and tried to keep it to a minimum of evening news, sometimes some documents and not much else. Later on I thought that free time hobbies and pals were what I needed and not sitting the evenings watching tv alone, so I didn't have a tv. It was so for some 20 years. Now for a few years I have had tv but haven't had the habit of watching it almost at all. But I used to listen to radio a lot, mostly music and news.

My mom was not very friendly, caring or wise. She was much like a step mother. Neither was my father so wise, friendly or caring.

keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2015

About my relationship to moral

As a kid when I tried to understand what work is and what it is needed for, I kind of thought that doing something useful that some others want to pay for and that a society is a kind of sum of the work done plus similarly free time activities' sum. So I kind of though that the idea in doing work is to make the world a better place to live in. On the other hand money is an important motivation for work, so this view does not taste like moral, more like selfishness.
But when I come across something that handles moral, I typically like it. I like that people have feelings, that they understand the world also emotionally which I take to be a part of a full understanding. I also like that there is some idea in doing things, that it makes sense for the world, for life. I also like that there are good possibilities in a society for good life: just make your choises, what kind of life you want, what kinds of things to do, to aasociate with and that's your work, those are your hobbies, your life in the society, just go and enjoy it!

tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

What I have read

As a kid I read adventure books which I liked very much, the ordinary children's (mostly boys' plus about animals) adventures and from knights to animals and indians. I also read detective novels which I did not like so much. I read also many cartoon books like Lucky Luke. Later my parents forced me to read science fiction novels but I did not like the people in them. Later I read some fantacy books and liked the practical life in them. I also read as a young adult New Age books which I liked very much (especially about Zen Buddhism, Chinese classic Tao-Te-Ching translated by Stephen Mitchel and Carlos Castaneda's books). Around then I read John Steinbeck's books (about farming and practical life) and poetry which I liked very much. (This was in the capital. Now I have moved to Savo.) Lately I haven't read so much, mainly the local newspaper Itä-Savo (from which I copy, i.e. learn some things about skills and local life, and women's magazine MeNaiset which I do not copy from).

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015

Feelings have it right

I have written here on my blogs and on the links from tehre, many thoughts that go fully according to feelings. That aren't thought running wild. Instead it is largely a question of feeling understanding things right and being able to interprete feelings to thoughts.
More exactly it is feelings and atmosphere impressions. It has much to do with being honest, with not mixing imagination or lies to one's perceptions. I also don't replace the perception by words or some predetermined thought structure. Instead I use common sense and everyday perceptions with feelings, social feelings, life situations etc. I use a landscape like view of the world, so I do not err to tunnel sightedness. I also know that each thing brings to my mind many perceptions and many associations and I observe them all, without dropping parts away. I set them all one by one to be parts of my picture of the world, each in it's own size class and own context. (If you find it difficult to see so many things or to associate so many things, read novels, amybe listen music in the radio too.) I leave the observations there with the atmosphere they had naturally. So I do not make a new kind of lied marking but leave the perceptions untouched, so that they are as sure as possible and I can from thew original atmosphere know what kind of truth it is or whom I heard it from and what kind of talk was that. To these I add from my objective picture of the world remarks of why this might well be so, like following feelings often brings strenght compared to neglecting feelings and so also some basic need which causes weakness as a result.

See also

The thinking type used here you can learn at 

lauantai 8. elokuuta 2015

My birthday

My birthday is 8. of August. As numbers 8.8. it brings to my ming four round circle like things of which two pairs are more closely connected. The healthy round forms bring to my mind symbiosis and a model of the world. So it is like one form of my paradise theory. I have not noticed it having influenced my thinking, except that I have come to notice the possibility of such a model and on the other hand my childhood environment maybe saw such a view as part of what I might be like because of my birthday.
Late summer is also a time of warmth at the same time with the need to defend the good things summer brings, the loves in one's life from the coming autumn and winter. So that too may have affected my view on what is the task of thinking, theory and work.

* * *

(7. March 2016
As a child I had the last name Hari, so my name Kaisa Hari bought the associations "keisari" = emperor and "tsaari" = Russian tsar (emperor). So I took it to my task to cultivate some of the good sides that people need to have to be good or at least worthy emperors, but I did not connect that to the emperor of China but to rulers of vast areas in general. At the same time I valued grass roots democracy in the Finnish way and not kingdoms as forms of government, much less empires.)
(24. August 2016
I did not have some role or ways of behaviour emperor like, not even sometimes. Instead I thought of emperors as persons who arrange things that people in wide areas need, who find solutions to difficult problems on wide areas of the nation and do that via thinking, discussing, understanding the world, cultures, different types of people, how they interact, what they need and how to arrange such, etc. So I thought of the position of an emperor like an ordinary citizen who in some task deserves well such a high position, negotiating about the affairs of the state. But emperor managing to do that more often, solve problems, negotiate, discuss, find solutions, support good causes, know things and workings of the nation and it's neighbours well - kind of like a relative for an ordinary person, taking part in discussion about something because one has often something valuable to offer, worthy of that role and partly because he/she is often around. So I thought that emperor needs support, needs to show his/her skilledness again and again and again.)

lauantai 1. elokuuta 2015

Global though and local life

My upbringing was with science oriented not so knowledgeable parents, so what I learned about thinking tended to have wide areas of validity. In addition I have been very worried about the global future with technology, too much schooling, too hard working life, too stupid views and environmental issues. I have tried to solve such problems and since I am good at objectivity and good at generalizing and moral, What I find out in a single occasion I often can generalize to solve the same problem from others too, but that is so only in matters of general character.
On the other hand I live a local life, being interested in Finnish type of things, being adapted to just Finnish climate, knowing the Finnish culture but not finding even nearly as much fasciunation with other cultures, being an individual in Finnish way, having Finnish strenghts and not so much (unlike most Finns) the strenghts needed in other cultures or other climates.

torstai 30. heinäkuuta 2015

Start from each blog's earliest posts

Nearly all of my blogs are written on some one subject and build upon what I have written earlier in that blog. So one understands them much better if one starts reading from the earliest posts of each blog and reads in time order.

sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Kind of emotional writing style

In some of my texts I use a kind of emotional way of writing which is yet not describing my personal emotions but more like an advice to the readers of which parts work fluently if they try them in their lives.
That is very much different from the expression of likings in my hobby like blogs about dog training and arts.

keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

The name of Helsinki

I do not know, whether this has any signifigance, but when I was a kid in Helsinki, I lived in a very rationality oriented environment, which was a value for both my parents and for the whole capital district. So when my not-so-rational little brother was interested in following names and among them the name of the town, I thought of that too in the rational context, like was typical for all subjects around there. The ending "-ki"or "-kin" means in Finnish language "also", so the name "Helsinki" got via English language the association "hell sin also", which I have always taken to mean that one should in one's rational estimates (of things in the world and in social contacts) also take into account the possibility of some doing hell sin, so being more prepared, more safeguarded, on stronger rational grounds. So I guess that my book "2013: Paradise like era" is of that type too, especially my booklet "Curing modern horror scenarios" safeguards against dangers not present or not in power (because of good safety arrangements). Being more prepared.

* * *
6.12.2015On Finland's Independence Day
Of course there is also the view which I have always most liked that Finns have so high moral that the rest of the world seems in Finns' eyes to be fond of hell sin like things, and so the only way to get along with foreigners is along the lines of what Finns consider hell sin. But that view of course presupposes that one should not do any sin, that one should cure the rest of the world to be moral too, and that the lack of Finnsih type of moral in the world or in the capital is no excuse for being less moral, one should aim for as high moral as possible, always.

maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2015

Vanha profiilitekstini

Hei! Jos pidit jostakin blogistani, niin suosittele sitä muillekin... Itse haluaisin erityisesti suositella blogiani "Näin opit lahjat ja taidot haaveammattiisi" (jollei sinulla alun alkaen ole niitä ollenkaan): Luulisi tuosta olevan paljon iloa! Olen kirjoitellut taidoistani siinä toivossa, että muut siitä voisivat oppia. Itse olen oppini (erityisesti opetustaidossa) saanut lukemalla vuosien ajan aina silloin tällöin juuri Stephen Mitchellin erinomaista englanninkielistä käännöstä taolaisuuden ja maailmankirjallisuuden 2000 vuotta vanhasta (23-39-v. sopiva) klassikosta Tao Te Ching. Käännöksen voit löytää osoitteesta Opin paljon, kun luin kirjaa hiukankaan tinkimättä omasta arkijärjestäni, arvelin, että ovatkohan ikivanhat kiinalaiset tarkoittaneet näin vai noin vai miten ja melkein aina jäin pelkäksi kysymysmerkiksi, mutta aina oli lukeminen miellyttävää ja jotenkin avartavaa. Erityisen paljon näyttäisi auttavan tavoite saada aikaan paljon vähällä sekä syvällisyyden, olennaisuuden, omakohtaisuuden ja ikiaikaisuuden arvostaminen. Tao Te Ching on mestarillisen taidon oppikirja.

maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2015

Associating with those who have achieved something noteworthy

Being intelligent and associating with someone who has achieved something noteworthy in one's work is somewhat like associating with a tall person: sometimes it matters but most of the time not, one can ask the big one to do some work but is it any advantage for the bigger one? Or the bigger one can be too tall to fit in a romm comfortably. In some thinsg size matters but are those things important in life or in social life, propably not, it is just some work to do, work like any other work amd the rest of life is separate.
I do not fit into academical life. At my level of objectivity and intelligence the criterions for good quality work are very much the same as arts' criterions for good artwork: good perceptions, skill, something essential to say, skill in communication, easy to learn, matters in life, etc. So it seems that I would be fitted to some kind of work in arts or teaching of arts. But does it make me any happier than my parents were for a job in science, I doubt that it is the same or not so happy as they.

lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2015

Work for common good means lots of effort saved

I do not have kids of my own. To a large extend that is good because I did not like school, so I would not like my kids going to school either and school lasts long years. On the other hand I can then think of all the kids and do a service to a larger group by caring for some major things of the world which someone just has to do but who. In Finland women often would like the men to learn some skills that are needed in life, but the typical suggestion has been that each woman should teach these things to one's own husband which is just absurd: 2,5 million times more labour needed for teaching the same thing. So if there is the same thing wrong with kids' lives or with the people's lives at large, I prefer to go the easier way: to solve the problems of the world, since it is just tiny fraction of the work needed at individual level if each individual has to be cared for separately.

perjantai 29. toukokuuta 2015

The readers get wiser

When a song plays in the radio, half way through the song and most people know it's perspective, it's wisdom of life. In addition they have their own wisdom of life. So it happens that once a song is in the radio but not before, the listeners are about as wise or wiser than the singer.
So I feel to be happening with my thinking course and the text about the future of computers. I am good at explaining and good at teaching, so at some phace the readers have learned. And so the common thinking errors that bothered me everywhere, are not seen so often. Instead people have a grasp of good well working common sense like ways to think. So there aren't so much left to teach for me in these areas of understanding. My job in these things is largely done, or fully done.

lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2015

Cyclic time

The largest use for my texts' ideas is in repairing the direction that the world is going in the future, in repairing future threaths and building solutions toward a better paradise like future. In that my book "2013: Paradise like era" in repairing the world's direction of development toward the original nature paradise, this time helped with the technology. That could bring a cyclic time: First there was a paradisefor a long time, for thousands of years or more, then it somehow got broken in a quite a short while, which though may have lasted for thousands of years, and then it quite quickly got repaired back again and there was again a paradise for thousands of years or more or much more. So in a way my book could be important. But if one examines what is original in it, there isn't nothing much of my own things but things that are somehow dependent on the times that we live: There is the biological picture of humans, objective thinking with a picture of the whole, Finnish rationally grounded moral, women's wisdom about the need for feelings in life, a common quest for happy life and more free time, and maybe something else too, but almost all things that are not so much personal strenghts as dependent on the times and culture's views on working life.

lauantai 9. toukokuuta 2015

My intelligence quotient

I was around 25 when I went to intelligence test and got the intelligence quotient i.e. test result 170 when the average of the adult population at the capital district or in the whole country is 100. So they measured my intelligence to be higher than that of 99.8% of the population. That is a result that took me some time to adapt to, but brought me freedom that was very benefical for my life and for my thinking, so I guess it was right in some way or in another.
Around those times I was interested in reading some books about zen buddhism and that is said to increase skill and intelligence. Anyway, I honestly estimated that I tended to make in intellectual things some 100 000 rimes more observations about each subject than the average academical person in Helsinki district. My books are some part of those thoughst that I estimated to be easy enough for others.
I did not suit academical work. I find much more important questions to be of right difficulty for me.
I am also quick in my thinking and need lots of stimuli to be happy and with content to my life, with exercise that makes my capacity good. If I think a subject throughly through in a second or two while the average academical person would in years think only a part of it with the help of book knowledge. That is a huge difference in pace of life.

perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

My most noteworthy texts

 I have written a lot of text in the internet in a variety of subjects. Some are more basic texts on an ordinary objective language, some more advanced on a more feeling language that makes the choice of concepts better and some leisurely written.

My most noteworthy texts are:
The far future of computers 
Thinking course (in Finnish language
Work efficiency supports more free time according to likings
My paradise theory and thick book and the book
Curing future threath scenarios
World is of love
In Finnish language To a dream job = Haaveammattiin

tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

About me

I am a woman with no kids and do not plan to have them since I am already 43 years old. I am of the type that likes a sports hobby, has a dos (nowadays two dogs) and likes practical physical work and life in the summer cottage (don't have one), somewhat spiritually inclined and morally conscientous, likes freedom and variation and good willing social life as a part of the society, I also like arts.

I am much like what Finns think that Finnish speaking Finns are like, but not school oriented or whatever foreigners think Finns to be like. Of foreign cultures I am somewhat interested in but not as much as most Finns, and I am much more interested in the wide world and global responsibility than any single foreign country or culture. Of foreign cultures I am interested in happy ways, living practical life close to the nature, moral and philosophy of life and religion. I was bought up in the capital district, so thinking and responsibility about the society and an understanding of healthy ways of living are my strenghts.

torstai 19. maaliskuuta 2015

People can know and understand more than forefigures

For someone to have thought something which matters, it has to be quite easy for many t learn, since otherwise others cannot build upon those thoughts. So a thinker is not necessarily very intelligent compared to others, not chosen from a wide group. Finding things that matter and that many can agree about demands some level of understanding, but that's it. A child can understand as much or more, even many children in somebody's aquiantages. Children have the potential to intelligence and wisdom. What is a recognized thought or theory, is just somebody's interest, somebody's who was with a good enough understanding that is not necessarily any better than that of many others. Children learn about the world and associate with many kinds of things, so they can sometimes learn amazingly much - and the too educated adult forefigures know amazingly little. The sma of course with other aquiantages: many can understand a lot even though they do not share the same majpor interests. It is no wonder if someone is better than some famous person. Starting from a different ground and knowing the same things that the forefigure noticed, one can notice also those things and something more f one's own or one's friends' thoughts too.
In learning about new things forefigures only does not bring the best understanding, since one needs room for individual observations too, from them one can later build better pieces of understanding. Individual understanding alone is also often lacking because peole tend tp have some common pitfalls, like a lack of a picture of the whole, a poor choise of social values etc, which a forefigure's example removes a little bit like more skilled company that allows also individual understanding.

tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2015

I am not of media person type

I am fit for making some material for media and for teaching, not for being featured in the media myself.
Generally I can teach well: people learn and I can explain things so well that even evil persons agree about the need to be moral. But what comes to my social influence, that is typically toward worse, most likely because I look moral so others get moral looks without sticking to moral, and so they turn evil from the lack of social pressure toward moral. I am also almost always on the defence, finding grounds for my choices, instead of creating something that people agree about also when I am not present. I like nonverbal communication, so people tend to understand my views "naturally" when I am present and then forget them. I am also skill oriented and others typically position oriented, so I end up being lied to others that I am not as skilled as they are, even though they estimate me to be more skilled.
I am also somewhat difficult to classify. I like animal like things like sports and nature and practical things to do, feelings, gesture language etc, but I do not copy from animals so very much, more like some help for some skill every now and then. I have a somewhat poor memory, so I do some things differently from those who have a better memory - or is it just a better motivation, more convinced, for just those things to remember.

tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Intelligence and social ways

Different people have differentprofessional and other skills. For being social, sharting life and for being able to communicate well one does not need to be of the same intelligence level etc. Common sense reaches far and upon the sense of sight you can build a good thinking ability, see . One can also usually find common everyday life analogies for complex phenomena, so that others without your strengths can understand them well if you explain them, like "like walking over a small stream by stepping on stepping stones" or other everyday phenomena.
Happiness isn't so much a question of intelligence but of how satisfying life you live: do you have enough content to your life, do you like things in your life, do you enjoy social contacts, etc. Healthy natural ages of´ld ways of living give content to life and strenght to meet obstacles, they also increse intelligence and make social life better.

sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2015

Areas of validity

Like typically with Finns and objectively thinking people at large, my thoughts have certain areas of validity which I have tried to make as large as possible, but which is determined by the understanding I have, what it is suited to. The area of validity cannot be widened to include new areas, new groups of people that I happen to get to know, since it is not a question of noticing different types of people or understanding them via experience. Like, if the largest group that I can say something about is vehicles, it cannot be widened to include riders and pedestrians. Or if it were cars, it cannot be widened to include bicycles, boats etc. That is so because we Finns are already good at thinking. We are not in the leaerning phace, but skilled already when we write something to be published.

lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015

Soldiers and army

I was raised in Helsinki where at least academical people appeared to be very doubtful of the need to go to military service. Since they could not think of better alternative, at least not yet working one, they let things stay but still were doubtful about the need for an army and valued a lot intelligent conversations and peaceful ways.
(In Finland it used to be that only men go to military service and they may choose between military and civil service. Nowadays those young women who so wish, can go to military service. The possibility came when I was maybe 25 but I was not interested in it, since I am not a malicious character and going to army brings a colder reputation, more manlika.)
I think otherwise. I think that justice needs the ability to defend oneself, one's group and moral ideals. And also in conversations those whose tactic works well for others too, get best listened to, and those with serious drawbacks to others get bypassed.

I have since I was a baby tried to be a good soldier. For me that has meant sports and trying to have a good capacity in most skills. But mainly I have been interested in the role of a strategist and in the viewpoint of highest leaders where one thinks of the whole society, both peace and war time, and of the enemy nation's workings and of the rest of the world with it's influence, dynamics and values. In personal life this has meant interest in social skills and in the workings of the Finnish society at the level of individuals and wisdom of life. That is why my book is somehow from the military point of view, yet at the same time quite peaceful and economy oriented. I have tended to think that to be a woman and to be from a small peaceful nation with democracy share this same mixture of wise tactics in military questions leading to a more peaceful situation yet with the army needed.