torstai 7. syyskuuta 2017

All my texts are free for all to use morally

All my texts are free for all to use morally according to the traditional Finnish speaking Finnish culture. Their use is not meant to be restricted but they should be used morally, now and in the future.
Usually I do not have safety copies of my texts. So please if you like some text of mine, make a safety copy of it. I have written thousands of pieces of texts to the internet.

Kaisa Hannele Tervola, Savonlinna, Finland, 7th September 2017

torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

My areas of life nowadays

Looking around in my home I notice that I do not have so many areas of life nowadays:
music and painting (as interests, but kind of not in tune lately),
two areas of life that I formerly enjoyed but haven't practised lately at all: wilderness guide course and circus with my dogs,
daily things: religion and writing, everyday life with my dogs,
sewing and handicrafts as an interest that I haven't done with so much but what is easy to learn in Savonlinna.
In addition I read a local newspaper of Savonlinna and a women's magazine that offers a kind of more complex view that most magazines, which is a relief.

Unfortunately my forme sports hobby for over ten years is absent, I just walk the dogs in any weather.
In addition an interest in life herein Savo, which is so different from the capital district.

perjantai 19. toukokuuta 2017

There are other women with roughly the same name

My whole name is Kaisa Hannele Tervola, but I like the name Hannele, so I have for maybe ten years or more called myself Hannele Tervola. But it appears that there are also other women with the name Hannele Tervola.
As a child and young adult I had the last name Hari and then for under two years the name Ekholm and now Tervola for some 12 years.
As a child and young adult I lived in the capital of Finland Helsinki. During that time I spent one year in a farming school in Inkoo quite near Helsinki and weekends in Helsinki. Then lived some 4 years in the neighbouring town Espoo. And now I have lived alomost 8 years in Savonlinna in southern Savo in the eastern Finland.
I was born August 8th 1971 in Helsinki. So I am now 45 years old.
I am a woman. I have never been married or engaged. I do not have children. I have two medium size companion dogs.

torstai 6. huhtikuuta 2017

Areas I write about

Now, kind of afterwards, I can outline what subject areas I write about:

Objective thinkings skills
Connecting different perspectives
The fate of the world

The relationship of rationality (including thinking, intelligence, talents and skills, wisdom of life, social skills, good ways of doing and work-efficiency and moral) and feelings
Learning talents and skills
Arts, nature
Wisdom of life

(Cure attempts to illnesses, but that is a separate subject, not so objective, written just in case it might be useful)

Finnish culture
Motion & healthy ways of doing things

tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2017

My view and kids

My paradise theory handles beautiful values objectively in the context of the whole world, does this with many perspectives and also from the tough war like and work efficiency perspectives and also with computers and technology taken into account.
So when kids at ayoung age build their picture of the world, my view is virtually the upmost in the world, kind of beautiful, with proper objectivity and tough realism, yet in a quite simple form.

I am a historical person

I am in the context of world history a historically noteworthy woman, a thinker and a writer, maybe classified as a philosopher (theoretical philosophy), because I have written about the future of computers, about how to learn thinking skills and about the possibility of a future paradise.
The future of computers is an importent subject in present day world because computers are such a huge new factor and people wonder what they will develop into. I have written about how to build rationality, moral and feelings to computers, since those are all important to have and those were lacking from the computers. When computers have these characteristics, people will find more room for themselves to live according to the human nature. first text of the blog.
The level of understanding is an important factpr determining the outcome of human endeavours. I have written about learning common sense like objective rationality with a good picture of the whole, about developing in intelligence and about the rationality of feelings. and
The future paradise that I suggest is healthy ways of living with world at a healthy state, which is the ages old best answer to the question of survival in the tough world, according to the theory of evolution. It is also the same as the paradise in the beginning of time, but this time with the texchnology long. This view could bring cyclic time, so it is a very long term question indeed, for example of an era of 100 000 years and world-wide. and

In addition some might notice especially my texts about curing illnesses and about recovering from death , but those are just impressions (intuition, practical eye and teaching skills together with some thinking skills, communication and social eye), not so sure thoughts like the rest of my texts.

I have written also lot of other subjects. Among other things (as a part of the paradise theory) about feelings in working life, see the book at .

I also would like to translate Finnish oetry to English, since I feel that it is wise and has wisdom of life that could cure the world.

2.7.2017  Birds might consider also my text about humans singing spring historically noteworthy
For young birds' ability to survive outside the nest I think that the ability to learn to fly well is very important (but this text is in Finnish)

Maybe also writing about the Finnish culture brings valuable Finnish wisdom available in the world
But on the other hand I have written many somehow noteworthy texts, mainly pieces of advice, for example about sewing clothes without formulae, only one's dream as a guide

keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2017

How much work I get done by writing

A few years ago I was continually thinking of what job I could get. So I couldn't help noticing that when I wrote a sort piece of something, that was often a so big idea that it could have brought content to whole lifetime's work, or for the remaining 20 or 25 years or working life. So I continued writing. Now still I am amazed how many such pieces I have written, typically from one to a few in a day, and that is an enormous amount of work, ideas, compared to what I could have contributed in an ordinary job. So I have still contyinued writing, even though I feel that I do not have much left unsaid, if anything. (It is like this with most of my texts but the cure suggestions to illnesses are just impressions, not sure skills.)